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Dr Ian Fallis 

  • Synthesis and coordination chemistry of macrocyclic ligands and polydentate Lewis acids.
  • Systematic syntheses of multi-metal redox active systems and assembly.
  • Immuno-histochemical imaging and applications in clinical pathology.
  • Fundamental studies on chiral discrimination in solids and in solution.
  • Synthesis and properties of surfactants and chiral liquid crystals.

The main research themes of the Fallis group are synthesis, reactivity and applications of transition metal complexes. This research is predominantly synthetic in nature involving multi-step organic and inorganic syntheses. The materials are subsequently analysed by a range of in-house techniques (ENDOR, X-ray, electrochemistry) or by collaboration with other expert groups within the UK or abroad (neutron scattering, Mössbauer, EPR). Fundamental studies are also in progress (in collaboration with Dr. D. M. Murphy) that examine the interactions chiral species in solution with the goal of developing new efficient chiral catalysts and enzyme mimics. We also have a strong interest in the development of molecular sensors for the detection and "green" catalysts for the decontamination of hazardous chemicals.