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It’s a Gas

It’s a Gas, a chemistry show showcasing physical properties and reactions of a range of gases.

This promises to be an exciting show and is aimed at a younger audience.

Using gases to explain changes of state, density, solubility, smoke, flame and chemical reactions involving oxidation provides curriculum support and exposes pupils to spectacular examples that are largely unavailable in a primary or secondary school.

The recommended show could involve a secondary school hosting its feeder primary schools in a venue that would accommodate all of the year 6 and 7 pupils.

Its a Gas 2011
Its a Gas 2011
Its a Gas 2011


If you are interested in booking one of our shows, please contact us in the first instance Professor P. G. Edwards: to discuss requirements and any attendant costs or charges. We are able to tailor our shows to suit the composition of the audience, or the available facilities at the venue (e.g. directing it towards the educational level of school pupils, enhancing the 'entertainment' value for public audiences, shortening or lengthening the show to fit specific time-slots, etc.) and we would need to discuss the local facilities and requirements we might have to ensure that we would be able to deliver; clearly the cost of delivering a particular show will vary. We will then send you a booking form and make arrangements accordingly.