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The Muslim Chaplaincy

Students at the Chaplaincy

The Muslim chaplaincy has been setup in October 2011 to join the university chaplaincy team in order to support and help staff and students from the university, and it provides a place of friendship, hospitality, reflection, support, dialogue and faith based educational opportunities to Muslim students and staff.

The chaplaincy is based at Darulisra Muslim Educational & Welfare Centre which was established in 1989 to unify and serve the needs of the Muslim community of Cardiff. It is an independent, voluntary and non-profit organisation.

The chaplaincy welcomes individuals from all parts of the world regardless of their ethnicity, race, nationality or sect. Services provided include; the 5 Daily Congregational Prayers, weekly Friday Khutba (sermon), weekly Quran and Arabic Schools, and Halaqas (Islamic circles) - held in 5 different languages; English, Arabic, Urdu, Malay and Bengali. It also host unique programs during both Eids (festivals) as well as customary interfaith and social activities for people of all ages

The chaplaincy is also committed to encourage innovative inter faith work and dialogue between students of different faiths and backgrounds, and it also provides information on the Islamic faith in order to foster cooperation and build bridges with non-Muslim communities.

For more information about the various activities at the Muslim chaplaincy, visit our website or join our Facebook group, ‘Dar Ul-Isra’.