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Inter-Faith Events

Students at the Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy at Cardiff University is a multi faith chaplaincy committed to dialogue between the different faiths represented at the University.   We arrange regular events, including the innovative "Religion Cafe", which combines informal inter faith chat over refreshments.  The cafe, which has been applauded by the press and national media (including the Guardian newspaper and BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4), gives students the chance to meet new friends and learn about the beliefs of fellow students.

We also arrange regular visits to places of worship, for students and staff to learn about the plethora of faiths in Cardiff.  During Inter Faith Week each November, the Chaplaincy supports the student Inter Faith Committee in arranging further events, including an annual Inter Faith Open Day and various panel debates.  All our inter faith events take place in a spirit of desire for love, acceptance, and mutual understanding of each other.

For more information, please contact the chaplains on or join our Facebook page: Inter Faith at Cardiff University.