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Cardiff University (including the Students’ Union) was awarded Fairtrade status in June 2007.

Fairtrade status is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation, a charity committed to providing disadvantaged producers in the developing world with a better deal for their products.

Fairtrade products are available in both Cardiff University catering/bars outlets and the Students’ Union catering/shop outlets. Many students/staff already purchase Fairtrade products and everyone has a part to play in maintaining the University’s Fairtrade status.

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Cardiff University Fairtrade Policy

Cardiff University & the Students’ Union are committed to supporting, promoting and using Fairtrade goods.

To achieve this, the University will take actions to maintain Fairtrade status, as defined by the Fairtrade Foundation, and thus commits itself to the 5 goals as laid down by the Foundation.

In particular:

  1. Fairtrade foods will be made available for sale in all campus shops and used in all cafés/ restaurants/ bars on campus. Where this is not possible, there is a commitment to begin to use Fairtrade foods in these establishments as soon as it becomes possible to do so.
  2. Fairtrade foods (for example, coffee and tea) will be served at all meetings hosted by the university and the Students’ Union. In addition, unofficial meetings are encouraged to use Fairtrade foods wherever possible.
  3. The process of achieving and maintaining Fairtrade status will be co-ordinated by a Fairtrade Taskforce that will include representatives from the University, the Students’ Union and students. This group will oversee the ongoing implementation of an action plan to maintain the Fairtrade status for the University.
  4. The Fairtrade Taskforce will organise the publicity for Fairtrade fortnight and other promotions of Fairtrade products on an ongoing basis to ensure awareness-raising is maintained.
  5. The Fairtrade Taskforce will send a yearly report on 'Fairtrade in the University/Students’ Union' to Student Council and University Board to be forwarded to the Fairtrade Foundation in fulfilment of the requirement for achieving Fairtrade status.