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Modern Working Environment (MWE)

Having the correct information and technology infrastructure for the development and sharing of knowledge is essential to Campus Horizons.

Female hands typing on a computer keyboard

The University’s Modern IT Working Environment (MWE) offers a personalised information technology service to staff and students.

MWE was developed in response to the high expectations among staff and students for immediate access to personalised information resources and networking tools, on and off campus.

The MWE provides secure and personalised access to Cardiff’s content and services from anywhere, at any time via a variety of devices.  Working with partners IBM, an entirely new eco-friendly and resilient IT infrastructure was constructed and since January 2009, the MWE has been available to more than 30,000 University users. There has been a co-ordinated programme of training and online learning.

The environment delivers single sign-on access to online team workspaces, an instant messaging service and a sophisticated collaboration toolset.  Users of the MWE can access their personal file space, shared files and electronic journals whether on or off campus, from their own laptops or Macs, in internet cafes or on a BlackBerry.  Students are able to access coursework and lecture notes in the institutional virtual learning environment. There has been enthusiastic feedback from the new system’s users.

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