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The Hadyn Ellis Building


Cardiff University aims to be one of the 21st Century’s leading international universities. Campus Horizons, a programme of ambitious capital projects, is one step towards that aim. The programme includes major new development projects, including an entirely new campus for the University’s research. The existing campus will be upgraded and transformed, as will the information and communications technology.

Campus Horizons will create a community of staff and students, with the resources to share ideas, make new discoveries and keep Cardiff at the forefront of world-leading scholarship.


Maindy Park

This ambitious plan aims to regenerate an 8.9 acre site in the heart of Cardiff. Prestigious new buildings are proposed, allowing exciting research and public involvement.

The Cochrane BuildingThe Cochrane Building

This new building will be at the heart of the “educational quarter” on the Heath Park campus. Healthcare students will enjoy a new library, laboratories and seminar space.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging CentrePositron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Centre

The Centre is offering scanning services not previously available in Wales. A joint venture with the NHS, this is benefiting patients and vital research work.

School of Biosciences ExtensionSchool of Biosciences Extension

One of many projects to revamp the entire University estate, this £4m development will provide the School with a visually striking “front door”, containing a foyer, seminar rooms and student services.

Female hands typing on a computer keyboardModern Working Environment (MWE)

A huge investment in Information and Communications. Staff and students can access information and services when both on and off campus.

Campus Horizons News

Campus Horizons aims to transform the University environment over the course of the next decade. Regular updates on all the projects will appear here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered – what Campus Horizons means if you are a member of staff, a student, or a member of the public.

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Person wearing black riding bicycle

Sustainability is at the very heart of the Campus Horizons vision. All the buildings constructed will be to the very highest environmental standards, making greatest use of natural sunlight and ventilation. The University’s sustainable transport policy will also be built into all the projects, maximising pedestrian, bicycle and public transport access wherever possible.