Question 1

In the sense of taste (gustation)

The chorda tympani relays information mainly concerning sour and bitter taste
The glossopharyngeal nerve relays information concerning sour and bitter taste
The fifth cranial nerve relays salt and sweet tastes predominantly.
The chorda tympani and the lXth cranial nerve fuse
All tastes modalities travel separately on different nerves

Question 2

In the detection of taste

Fungiform papillae contain no taste buds but are purely mechanical in function
The fungiform papillae contain cells responsive to all tastes
The foliate papillae detect only salt tastes
The circumvallate papillae mediate sweet and sour tastes
The foliate papillae mainly respond to all tastes equally

Question 3

Where are the fungiform papillae situated on the tongue?

Posterior third
On the circumvallate line
At the very back of the tongue
Evenly over the entire surface
In the front two thirds of the tongue

Question 4

Gustatory receptor cells

Fire action potentials in response to stimulation by taste molecules
Exhibit a variable response depending on the taste
Change their rate of firing in response to stimulation
Exhibit graded potentials
Hyperpolarise in response to stimulation

Question 5

The taste buds

Are sensitive to only one type of taste
Contain multiple receptor cells each responsive to a different taste
Contain cells that respond to multiple tastes
In a given class of papillae are equally sensitive to one type of taste only
Cannot distinguish different tastes

Question 6

The detection of salt taste

Is transduced by hyperpolarising the receptor cells
Is the result of stimulating NMDA receptors
Is mediated by TTX-sensitive sodium channels
Results from the depolarisation caused by the entry of sodium
Is caused by the entry of chloride ions into the cell

Question 7

The sense of taste is

Topographically mapped on the cerebral cortex
Conveyed by specific nerves to separate regions in the brain
Relayed by nerves which have a preference for a particular taste modality
Frequency coded for different tastes
Is relayed to the limbic system