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The Databases section contains

The E. coli cell Envelope Protein Data collection (ECCE)
ECCE is a functional classification of proteins in the cell envelope subdivided into the cytoplasmic membrane, the periplasm, and the outer membrane. Each entry allows access to the relevant SwissProt file. Other files list periplasmic and outer membrane proteins according to their size.

epd - Ecoli Protease Database
Lists proteases from E. coliaccording to their celluar localisation. Individual lists of metalloproteases, Ser proteases, and Asp proteases are also available.

The ABC Maltose Transporter Web Site
Lists laboratories working on the ABC maltose transporter
Links to ABC transporter databases
Additional material related to the maltose transporter such as alignments, pictures etc

DNA sequences
Collection of sequences of commonly used plasmids, transposons, and bacteriophages

Free scientific software for Apple computers to download

Information about The Art of Gene Expression in E. coli
Tobacco Etch Virus NIa protease, a tool for Target Directed Proteolysis in vivo and in vitro

More to come, these pages are continuously updated