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Dana´s Tools

Some useful programs running on Apple computers generated by Dana Boyd. These programs require HyperCard 2.0 or later.

Unit calculator This program, Unit Calculator 4.2, allows you to calculate Miller units of alkaline phosphatase or ß-galactosidase.

Calculation of hydrophobic moment and mutability will draw helices and calculates the hydrophobic moment. It also calculates the mutability of transmembrane helices according to the scale of Jones, Taylor and Thornton (1994) FEBS Lett 339:269-275.

Find Degenerate Sites tells you which restriction sites you can put into your gene without changing its protein sequence. It is a HyperCard stack with full internal documentation. An application version can be made available from the author if you do not have HyperCard 2.0 or later which is required to run this stack.

The following program is not a HyperCard file. It runs on its own.

REMap can do restriction mapping and it can also search FASTA genome files for any sequence you can specify with degenerate DNA code.
Other files that may be helpful when using REMap are here:, ecoli.fna_50_lines

Dana Boyd is at the Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,
Harvard Medical School D1-201, 200 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA