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Arabinose Promoter Plasmids

  • pBADphoA - Generates phoA fusions under arabinose promoter control

  • pBAD18

  • pBAD22

  • pBAD24

    Cassettes to generate phoA Fusions

  • Signal sequenceless phoA and its flanking linker sequences of pSWFII and pSWFIII

    Plasmids expressing TEV protease in E. coli

  • pGEX2T-27k

  • pMM13

    Transposons to generate TEV protease inserts, phoA or uidA fusions

  • TnTIN

  • TnTAP

  • TnphoA

    Plasmids expressing trehalases from E. coli

  • ptre11

  • pBADtreF

    Plasmids expressing degP and degPSA from E. coli

  • pCS10 (degPSA in pACYC184 - cmR)

  • pCS20 (wt degP with C-terminal 6 His tag)

  • pCS21 (degPSA with C-terminal 6 His tag)

    Cloning Vector Classics

  • pBR322

  • pBR325

  • pBR327

  • pBR328

  • pBR329

  • pACYC184

  • pACYC177

  • pHSG575

  • pGEX-2T

    6-His tag plasmids

  • pCS19 (introduces C-terminal 6 His tag)

  • pNTH1 (introduces N-terminal 6 His tag)

    Bacteriophages of E. coli

  • 186

  • fd

  • lambda

  • phi-X174

  • T7

    M13 phage cloning vectors

  • M13mp8

  • M13mp18

  • M13tg130

  • M13tg131


  • The Cloning Vector Collection

  • ESF Plasmid Database

  • List of plasmids from various bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic origins

  • The Netherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria/Vector Database