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Authors: Grau, S. Baldi, A., Bussani, R., Tian, X., Stefanescu, R., Przybylski, M., Shridhar, V., Clausen, T. and M. Ehrmann.
Year: 2005
Title: Implications of human HtrA1 in amyloid precursor protein processing.
Juornal: PNAS 102: 6021-6026

Authors: Henrichs, T., Mikhaleva, N., Conz, C., Deuerling, Boyd, D., E., Zelasny, A., Bibi, E., Ban, N. and M. Ehrmann.
Year: 2005
Title: Target-directed proteolysis at the ribosome.
Juornal: PNAS 102:4246-4251 entrez/medline

Authors: Ehrmann, M. and T. Clausen
Year: 2004
Title: Proteolysis as a regulatory mechanism.
Juornal: Annu. Rev. Genet. 38:709-24 entrez/medline

Authors: Wilken, C., Kitzing, K., Kurzbauer, R., Ehrmann, M. and T. Clausen
Year: 2004
Title: Crystal structure of the DegS stress sensor: How a PDZ domain recognizes misfolded protein and activates a protease domain.
Juornal: Cell 117: 483-494 entrez/medline

Highlighted in Cell 2004 117:417-419

Authors: Eser, M. and Ehrmann, M
Year: 2003
Title: SecA-dependent quality control of intracellular protein localisation
Juornal: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100: 13231-13234 entrez/medline

Highlighted in Science 302:1296
& in J. Cell Biol. 163:691

Authors: Ehrle, R., Mikhaleva, N., Boyd, D., Davidson, A.L. and Ehrmann, M.
Year: 2003
Title: Context-dependent effects of charged residues in transmembrane segments of MalF-PhoA fusions.
Juornal: Res. Microbiol. 154:654-657entrez/medline

Authors: Clausen, T., Southan, C., and Ehrmann, M
Year: 2002
Title: The HtrA family of proteases, implications for protein composition and cell fate
Juornal: Mol. Cell 10: 443-455entrez/medline

Authors: Krojer, T, Garrido-Franco, M, Huber, R., Ehrmann, M and Clausen, T.
Year: 2002
Title: Crystal structure of DegP (HtrA) reveals a novel protease-chaperone machine.
Juornal: Nature 416: 455-459 entrez/medline

Authors: Herskovits, A.A., Seluanov, A., Rajsbaum, R., ten Hagen-Jongman, C.M., Henrichs, T., Bochkareva, E.S., Phillips, G.J., Probst, F.J., Nakae, T., Ehrmann , M., Luirink, J., and Bibi, E.
Year: 2001
Title: Evidence for coupling of membrane-targeting and function of the signal recognition particle-receptor FtsY.
Juornal: EMBO Reports 2: 1040-1046 entrez/medline

Authors: Faber, K.N., Kram, AM., Ehrmann, M., and Veenhuis, M.
Year: 2001
Title: The use of the Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV-) protease as a tool to determine the topology of peroxisomal membrane proteins in vivo.
Juornal: J. Biol. Chem. 276: 36501-36507 entrez/medline

Authors: Steinke, A., Grau, S., Davidson A., Hofmann, E., and M. Ehrmann
Year: 2001
Title: Characterization of transmembrane domains 3, 4, and 5 of MalF by mutational analysis.
Juornal: J. Bacteriol. 183: 375-381 entrez/medline

Authors: Uhland, K., Mondigler, M., Spiess, C., Prinz, W. and M.
Year: 2000
Title: The determinants of translocation and folding of TreF, a
trehalase of E. coli.
Juornal: J. Biol. Chem. 275: 23439-23445 entrez/medline

Authors: Al-Masoudi, N. A., Al-Soud, Y. A., Ehrmann, M. and E. de
Year: 2000
Title: Synthesis of acyclic 6,7-dihaloquinolone nucleoside analogues
as potential antibacterial and antiviral agents.
Juornal: Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry 8: 1407-1413 abstract

Authors: Spiess, C., Beil, A., and M. Ehrmann.
Year: 1999
Title: A temperature-dependent switch from chaperone to protease
in a widely conserved heat shock protein.
Juornal: Cell 97: 339-347 entrez/medline

Highlighted in Nature Science Update

Authors: Guan, L., Ehrmann, M., Yoneyama, H., and T. Nakae.
Year:  1999
Title: Membrane Topology of the Xenobiotic-Exporting Subunit,
MexB, of the MexA, B-OprM Extrusion Pump in Pseudo-
monas aeruginosa.
Juornal: J. Biol. Chem. 274: 10517-10522 entrez/medline

Authors: Melchers, K., Buhmann, A., Schuhmacher, A., Weizenegger,
K., Belin, D., Grau, S., and M. Ehrmann
Year: 1999
Title: Membrane topology of the CadA-homologous P type ATPase
of Helicobacter pylori by expression of phoA fusions in
Escherichia coli and the positive inside rule.
Juornal: Res. Microbiol. 150: 507-520 entrez/medline

Authors: Prinz, W. A., Boyd, D., Ehrmann, M., and J. Beckwith
Year: 1998
Titel: The protein translocation apparatus contributes to determining
the topology of an integral membrane protein in E. coli.
Journal:J. Biol. Chem. 273: 8419-8424 entrez/medline

Authors: Ehrmann, M., Ehrle, R., Hofmann, E., Boos, W., and A. Schloesser
Year: 1998
Titel: The ABC maltose transporter.
Journal:Mol. Microbiol. 29: 685-694 entrez/medline

Authors: Akiyama, Y.; Ehrmann, M.; Kihara, A.; and K. Ito
Year: 1998
Titel: Polypeptide binding of E. coli FtsH.
Journal:Mol. Microbiol. 28: 803-810 entrez/medline

Authors: Al-Masoudi, N. A., Al-Soud, Y. A., Ehrmann, M. and E. de Clerq
Year: 1998
Titel: Quinolone nucleosides: 6,7-dihalo-N-§- and a-glycosyl-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-quinoline-3-carboxylic acids and derivatives synthesis, antimicrobial and antiviral activity.
Journal:Nucleosides and Nucleotides USA, 17: 2255-2266

Authors: Spiess, C., Happersberger, P., Glocker, M., Spiess, E., Rippe, K., and M. Ehrmann
Year: 1997
Titel: Biochemical characterization and mass spectrometric disulfide bond mapping of periplasmic a-amylase MalS of Escherichia coli.
Journal:J. Biol. Chem. 272: 22125-22133 entrez/medline

Authors: Ehrmann, M., Bolek, P., Mondigler, M., Boyd, D., and R. Lange
Year: 1997
Titel: TnTIN and TnTAP: mini-transposons for site specific proteolysis in vivo.
Journal:Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94:13111-13115 entrez/medline

Authors: Mondigler M. and M. Ehrmann.
Year: 1996
Titel: Site specific proteolsis of the E. coli SecA Protein in vivo.
Journal:J. Bacteriol. 178: 2986-2988. entrez/medline

Authors: Prinz W., Spiess, C., Ehrmann, M. Schirle, C. and J. Beckwith.
Year: 1996
Titel: Targeting of signal sequenceless proteins for export in E. coli with altered protein translocase.
Journal:EMBO J. 15: 5209-5217. entrez/medline

Authors: Horlacher R., Uhland K, Klein, W., Ehrmann, M., and W.Boos
Year: 1996
Titel: Characterization of a cytoplasmic trehalase of E. coli.
Journal:J. Bacteriol. 178: 6250-6257. entrez/medline

Authors: Horlacher R., Uhland K, Klein, W., Ehrmann, M., and W.Boos
Year: 1996
Titel: Characterization of a cytoplasmic trehalase of E. coli.
Journal:J. Bacteriol. 178: 6250-6257. entrez/medline

Authors: Uhland K., Zander T., and M. Ehrmann
Year: 1995
Titel: Synthetic competition between cytoplasmic folding and translocation of a soluble membrane protein domain.
Journal:Res. Microbiol. 146: 121-128. entrez/medline

Authors: Whitley P., Zander T., Ehrmann M., Haardt M., Bremer E., and G. von Heijne
Year: 1994
Titel: Sec-independent translocation of a 100-residue periplasmic N-terminal tail in the E. coli inner membrane protein ProW.
Journal:EMBO J. 13: 4653-4661. entrez/medline

Authors: Uhland K., Ehrle R., Zander T. and Ehrmann, M.
Year: 1994
Titel: Requirements for translocation of periplasmic domains in polytopic membrane proteins.
Journal:J. Bacteriol. 176: 4565-4571. entrez/medline

Authors: Hoffmann, R., Jung, S., Ehrmann, M. and H. W. Hofer.
Year: 1994
Titel: The Yeast Gene PPH3 Encodes A Protein Phosphatase With Properties Different From PPX, PP1 And PP2A.
Journal:Yeast. 10: 567-578. entrez/medline

Authors: McGovern, K., Ehrmann, M. and J. Beckwith.
Year: 1991
Titel: Decoding Signals for Membrane Protein Assembly Using Alkaline Phosphatase Fusions.
Journal:EMBO J. 10: 2773-2782. entrez/medline

Authors: Ehrmann, M., and J. Beckwith.
Year: 1991
Titel: Proper Insertion of Complex Membrane Protein in the Absence of its Amino-terminal Export Signal.
Journal:J. Biol. Chem. 266: 16530-16533. entrez/medline

Authors: Ehrmann, M., D. Boyd and J. Beckwith.
Year: 1990
Titel: Genetic Analysis of Membrane Protein Topology Using a Novel Gene Fusion Approach.
Journal:Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87: 7574-7578. entrez/medline