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The Brain Repair Group

The 'StemStroke' Project

Functional repair of the ischaemic striatum and cortex with primary and stem cell grafts


To validate new strategies to differentiate stem cells into appropriate neuronal lineages for implantation into the ischaemic brain.

To achieve this functional goal a number of interim goals have to be solved in sub-programmes:

· to refine stem cell differentiation protocols;

· to develop new methods for labelling and tracking cells after implantation in vivo;

· to develop novel strategies to recruit endogenous stem cells to target repair;

· to validate new assessment protocols to determine the functional progress of experimental subjects after ischaemia and cellular repair;

· to develop the protocols for cell preparation, handling and implantation under ‘GMP’ to prepare for clinical applications.

The StemStroke Project

The StemStroke project involves academic and commercial partners from the UK, Sweden, Germany and Italy:

Short Name Organisation Team Leader Location
ULUND University of Lund Z. Kokaia Lund, Sweden
UCAM-STEM Cambridge University A. Smith Cambridge, UK
MPI Max-Planck-Inst M. Hoehn Köln, Germany
EMBL Eur. Mol. Biol. Lab L. Minichiello Monterotondo, Italy
CU Cardiff University S. Dunnett Cardiff, UK
Neuronova NeuroNova AB L. Wikström Stockholm, Sweden

Details of the project may be found on the StemStroke website

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