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Major Grant Awards 2013-2014

1 December 2013

Photo of outside of building from ramp

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded major grants (>K£100) during 2013-2014:

Prof AM Davies (Wellcome Trust) TNF superfamily forward and reverse signalling in neural development - £2,043,743

Prof AE Rosser, Prof SB Dunnett, Prof PJ Kemp, Prof M Li and Prof ND Allen (European Commission [FP7]) Human pluritotent stem cell differenciation, safety and preparation for therapeutic transplantation in Huntington's disease (RepairHD) - £1,487,200

Dr T Connor (with MEDIC) (MRC via Warwick University) Consortium for medical microbiology bioinformatics - £1,005,241

Prof PJ Kemp, Prof. ND Allen and Prof. AE Rosser (CHDI Foundation Inc.) Joint steering committee agreement (additional funding) - £739,928

Prof R Eccles (Dr Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co) Safety and intake effect of EPs7630 (an extract of the roots of pelargonium sidoides) - £712,900

Prof JAH Murray and Dr N Kent (BBSRC) Dynamics of global chromatin landscape through the cell cycle and differentiation - £648,499

Prof AJ Weightman (NERC) In situ recovery of resources from waste repositories - £617,454

Prof M Li, Prof V Crunelli and Dr A Errington (MRC) A stem cell model to study human cortical interneuron function - £556,602

Prof AR Clarke (CRUK) Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre - £493,020

Prof P Borri (European Commission [FP7]) Female investigators in nonlinear optical nanoscopy FINON- £480,260

Prof AR Clarke, Dr R Clarkson, Dr M Smalley and Dr N Rodrigues (Jane Hodge Foundation) Exploring the concept of the cancer stem cell - £425,596

Prof AJ Harwood (with MEDIC) (The Waterloo Foundation) The Changing Minds Programme - £400,000

Prof JAH Murray (BBSRC) Novel strategies for single step molecular diagnostic assays with full dynamic range quantitation - £393,245

Dr E Mahenthiralingam (BBSRC) Exploitation of Burkholderia bacteria as novel antibiotic producers using a genome mining approach - £388,177

Prof S Dunnett (European Commission [FP7]) European stem cell consortium for neutral cell replacement, reprogramming and functional repair - £378,300

Prof R Eccles (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma) Efficacy and safety of iots-carrageenan nasal spray 1.2 g/l versus placebo nasal spray - £273,000

Prof AJ Harwood (Wellcome Trust via University of Manchester) REMI-seq: Generation of a genome wide mutant resource for dictoyostelium functional genomics - £270,829

Prof S Dunnett (Wellcome Trust) A combinatorial approach for enhancing cell transplantation for neurological diseases via simple and scalable chemistries - £250,000

Dr JV Gerasimenko, Dr OV Gerasimenko (Children with Cancer UK) Pathophysiology of asparanginase associated pancreatitis - £248,436

Prof JL Harwood (BBSRC) Using Flux control analysis to improve oilseed rape - £246,293

Prof V Buchman (Motor Neurone Disease Association) Neurodegeneration triggered by disfunction of FUS protein - studies of the mechanism using in vivo models - £236,362

Prof AR Clarke, Dr JR Marchesi and Dr L Parry (World Cancer Research Fund) Identifying the influence of the microbiome and metabiome on the normal and malignant murine intestinal stem cell - £225,000

Dr JR Marchesi (European Commission [FP7]) Bluepharmatrain - £219,532

Prof AE Rosser and Prof SB Dunnett (University of Ulm) Euro HD Network (additional funding) - £203,708

Prof S Ormerod (European Commission [FP7]) Managing aquatic ecosystems and water resources under multiple stress MARS - £195,089

Dr Carsten Muller (European Commission [FP7] Role and function of olfaction in seabirds - £189,652

Dr CE Hughes, Prof B Caterson (with MEDIC) (Arthritis Research UK) The role(s) ADAMTS4 and its splice variant ADAMTS4_v1 play in the pathogenesis of human osteoarthritis - £178,861

Dr Dafydd Jones (BBSRC) Understanding the mechanism of membrane protein insertion - £152,757

Dr R Clarkson (with PHRMY) (Biovitas Capital Ltd) The identification and selection of candidate lead compounds against BCL3 - £135,000

Prof AE Rosser (Campaign for Alzheimer's Research in Europe) Evaluation of novel stem cell technologies for application to the neurodegeneration of Alzheimer's disease - £120,000

Prof AR Clarke (Prostate Cancer Research Centre) Defining the role of wildtype and mutant plexinB1 in prostate cancer - £116,949

Prof AR Clarke and Prof TC Dale (Cancer Research Wales) Developing stem cell containing organoids from primary and metastic human colorectal cancer for preclinical studies of stratified colorectal cancer therapeutics - £104,280