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Major Grant Awards 2011-2012

3 February 2012

Bioscience building

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded major grants (>K£100) during 2011-2012


Prof OH Petersen, Dr OV Gerasimenko, Dr JV Gerasimenko(MRC) Calcium signalling, organelle dysfunction and pancreatitis - £1,425,607

Dr I Durance, Prof SJ Ormerod, Prof MW Bruford, Dr IP Vaughan and Prof AJ Weightman (NERC) Diversity in upland rivers and ecosystem service sustainability - DURESS - £1,198,117


Prof OH Petersen (MRC) Ion channels and pumps in secretory cells (additional award) - £837,749

Dr Simon Brooks, Prof Steve Dunnett (with MEDIC) (CHDI Foundation) A comparative study of behavioural, anatomical and molecular changes in mouse models of Huntingdon's Disease - £726,291

Prof JAH Murray, Dr W Dewitte (BBSRC) A novel pathway of cell cycle activation in root formative divisions - £673,682

Prof PJ Kemp, Dr ND Allen (CHDI) Joint steering committee agreement - £592,000

Prof TC Dale, Ms EA Fraser (Merck KG & A) Identification of WNT pathway inhibitors - £528,808

Prof F Sengpiel (BBSRC) Cellular mechanisms of developmental plasticity in primary visual cortex - £323,949

Prof AJ Weightman, Dr G Webster, Dr P Kille (with EARTH) (NERC) How are candidate phylum JS1 bacteria adapted for life in the deep sub-seafloor biosphere - £312,544

Dr P Kille, Prof MW Bruford, Prof AJ Morgan (NERC) Stress in a hot place: Ecogenomics and phylogeography in a pantropical sentinel inhabiting multi-stressor volcanic soils - £306,408

Prof TJC Jacob (Northeast Gast Association) An investigation into the physiological mechanisms of odour cancellation or antagonism that occurs between certain conjugate pairs of odorants and results in masking (additional funding) - £296,791

Prof AR Clarke (with MEDIC and PHARMACY) (Cancer Research UK Centre) Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre - £285,328

Prof E Mahenthiralingam (KTP, Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd) To develop novel preservative systems that target bacterial resistance mechanisms and set new industry standards for using cultivation independent microbial analysis in preservative challenge testing - £202,141

Dr B Latinkic (British Heart Foundation) Identification and analysis of genomic programme for cardiac specification - £201,697

Prof CW Archer (BBSRC) Optimising stem cell therapy: investigating clonal heterogeneity in equine chondroprogenitor cells - £200,121

Prof Paul Kemp, Prof Daniela Riccardi and Dr Nick Allen (British Heart Foundation) Mechanism of regulation by erythropoietin of hypoxic signal transduction - £193,845

Dr Matt Smalley (Breast Cancer Campaign) The role of the c-Kit - Lyn kinase signalling network in the biology and transformation of mammary epithelial cells - £193,746

Dr B Latinkic (British Heart Foundation) Mechanism of action of cardiogenic transcription factor GATA4 - £192,412

Prof B Caterson, Dr AJ Hayes, Dr CE Hughes and Dr JR Ralphs (Arthritis Research UK) The biological functions of chondroitin/dermatan sulphate sulphation motifs in musculoskeletal growth and development - £182,437

Dr Emyr Lloyd-Evans (Action Medical Research) Translational therapy development for Smith-Lemil-Opitz Syndrome, a common under-diagnose childhood malformation syndrome - £173,809

Dr Richard Clarkson (with Pharmacy) (Breast Cancer Campaign) - Pre-clinical evaluation of TRAIL-hypersensitivity in acquired endocrine resistant breast cancer - £169,456

Dr K Berube (Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Complex Molecular Systems in Environmental Health) Expanding networks within the scientific community - £167,224

Dr HJ Rogers and Dr Carsten Muller (QUAFETY) Comprehensive approach to enhance quality and safety of ready to eat fresh products - £165,274

Dr E Lloyd-Evans (European Commission (FP7)) Targeting common mechanisms of pathogenesis in diseases of sterol homeostasis associated with lysosome dysfunction development of novel and rapidly translatable clinical therapies STEROLOSOMES - £164,304

Prof Vincenzo Crunelli (Epilepsy Research UK) Serotoninergic modulation of absense seizures: Focus on tonic GABA - £149,827

Dr KA Berube (Welsh Government (A4B) METABO-LUNG: Biotransformational lung cell model project (£148,827)

Dr P Kille (Environment Agency) Development of a molecular diatom tool for WFD classification of rivers and lakes - £140,000

Prof CW Archer and Dr R Williams (Arthritis Research UK) A method to distinguish and isolate highly potent articular cartilage-derived stem cells - £129,584

Dr EJ Blain (The Dunhill Medical Trust) Investigating the efficacy of Boswellia - £109,401