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Major Grant Awards 2009-2010

5 March 2010

Bioscience building

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded major grants (>K£100) during 2009-2010:


Prof V Crunelli (Wellcome Trust) Mechanism of physiological thalamocortical rhythms - £1,462,677

Prof KD Fox (MRC) Molecular and structural determinants of plasicity in the cerebral cortex - £1,213,122

Dr P Borri (EPSRC) Shedding new light on cells with coherent multiphoton nanscopy - £1,149,462


Prof MW Bruford (International Wildlike Consultants (UK)) Genome research on behalf of the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi - £816,423

Prof SB Dunnett (Commission of the European Communities) TRANSEURO - Neural transplantation in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease - £707,472

Prof JAH Murray, Dr W Dewitte (BBSRC) iSAM: Integrative systems analysis of the shoot apical meristem - £668,893

Prof SB Dunnett, Dr SP Brooks (with MEDIC) (CHDI) A comparative study of behavioural, anatomical and molecular changes in modes of Huntington's disease - £408,925

Dr P Borri, Dr SM Hunter, Dr S Paisey (with MEDIC, DENTL, SOCSI, PHYSX)  (EPSRC) Probing the mechanical control of stem cell fate through the development of novel, non-invasive imaging technologies - £393,271

Dr P Borri, Dr PD Watson (with PHYSX) (BBSRC) Multiphoton microscopy of lipid-protein dynamics in living cells using correlative coherent antistokes raman scattering and two-photon fluorescence - £368,776

Prof V Crunelli (MRC) Spatio-temporal firing dynamics of cortical and thalamic neurons during typical absence seizures - £336,054

Dr ND Allen, Prof PJ Kemp, Prof OH Petersen (CHDI) Differentiation and physiological phenotyping of forebrain specified neurons from HD iPS cells - £325,246

Prof OH Petersen (MRC) Ion channels and pumps in secretory cells - £320,195

Dr WM Van der Goes Van Naters (BBSRC) Identification and function of sex pheromones and their receptors in Drosophila - £319,281

Dr H White-Cooper (BBSRC) Profiling gene expression in spermatogenesis in model and pest insects - £318,724

Prof OH Petersen, Dr JV Gerasimenko, Dr OV Gerasimenko (MRC) Ca2 signalling, organelle dysfunction and pancreatitis - £315,818

Dr P Kille (Welsh Assembly (A4B)) Molecular assays enabling "animal-free" toxicology tests - £299,110

Prof AR Clarke (Cancer Research UK) Investigating the PI3 kinase and Ki-Ras pathway interactions in colorectal cancer: new models and drug validation - £268,265

Dr R Brambilla (Parkinson’s Disease Society) Testing the therapeutic potential of Ras-GRF1 modulation to treat L-DOPA induced Dyskinesia - £251,496

Dr H White-Cooper (Wellcome Trust) Functional analysis of ubiquitously expressed transcriptional regulators in the Drosophila male germ-line - £241,267

Prov V Buchman (Alzheimers Society) Dimebon, a new drug for treatment of Alzheimer's disease:  Studies of the mechanisms of disease-modifying action - £204,438

Prof AR Clarke (with PHRMY and MEDIC) (Cancer Research UK) Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre - £197,602

Dr CA Boulter (Arthritis Research Campaign) NOV (CCN3), a new regulator of skeletal development and disease – £197,342

Prof TC Dale, Prof AR Clarke (Cancer Research UK) Defining the role of axin in liver and colon cancer – £192,731

Prof SB Dunnett (with MEDIC) Universitaet Ulm (Euro HD Network) - £152,283

Prof CW Archer (Welsh Assembly Government (WORD)) Articular cartilage stem cells: From lab to clinic - £150,000

Dr P Kille (Commission of the European Communities) NANOFATE – Nanoparticle fate assessment and toxicity in the environment - £147,131

Prof MW Bruford (Commission of the European Communities) EIGIS – The Ecology and immunogenetics of parasites in invasive species - £146,845

Prof KD Fox (The Regents of the University of California) Forward genetic approaches to mechanisms of cortical plasticity - £133,719

Prof AJ Weightman (with EARTH and CHEMY) (NERC) Hydrogen generation in the deep, hot biosphere – £129,535

Prof MW Bruford (Commission of the European Communities) CONGRESS - Conservation genetic resources for effective species survival – £122,846

Dr D Riccardi (with MEDIC) (AstraZeneca UK Ltd) Establishing primary cultures of human cells for studying the role of the kidney in soft tissue mineralisation following tyrosine kinase inhibition - £115,767

Prof CW Archer, Dr HE McCarthy (BBSRC) Cellular therapy for joint repair in equine athletes – £104,169