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Seminar Speaker Invitation Process

To help streamline the process of seminar speaker invitations, whilst maintaining the highest possible standard, the following protocol has been devised. This should reduce the time taken to organise seminars since much of the administration can be taken care of centrally.

Summary of roles:

Seminar Speaker Invitation Process
NameRole and responsibilitiesName
  1. Give name and research interests of speaker to seminar coordinator
  2. Give list of potential discussants to Administrator
  3. Introduce speaker at seminar
Any member of academic staff
Seminar coordinator
  1. Organise research group’s seminar diary
  2. Invite speaker, suggest possible dates and request seminar title
  3. Mail confirmed date / title / speaker name / time of seminar /
    lunch arrangements to Administrator (cc Host)
Named individual from table below.
  1. Sends confirmation letter to speaker requesting information
    on travel accommodation, arrival, audiovisual (and title if not already confirmed)
  2. Contacts discussants to organise schedule of meetings
  3. E-mail schedule for visit to speaker and discussants
Chris Hayes/Drusilla Lewis
  1. Discuss work in the lab with speaker on day of visit
  2. Take speaker onto next discussant
Any member of academic staff
Web Administrator
  1. Publishes details of seminars on BIOSI website
Chris Hayes
Seminar Speaker Invitation Process
Research GroupSeminar Co-ordinator
Molecular BiosciencesWynand vander Goes van Naters/Helen White-Cooper
NeuroscienceFrank Sengpiel/David Carter
Organisms and Environment 
Pathophysiology and RepairRichard Clarkson/Daniela Riccardi/Bill Wilkinson/Emma Blain
Plenary LecturesOle Petersen
BioConnectIan Horton/Jo Cable/Fiona Wyllie

Mrs Drusilla Lewis

Telephone: +44(0)29 208 74048

Mrs Swapna Khandavalli

Telephone: +44 (0)29208 75243