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Plenary Lecture Series 2002-2003

Venue - John Pryde Lecture Theatre (unless stated otherwise)

Time - 3.30pm - 5.00pm

Weds 6th November 2002

Prof. Nick Davies

Cambridge University

"Cuckoos versus hosts: an evolutionary arms race"


Fri 24th January 2003

K.S. Dodgson Memorial Talk

Prof. Rob Beynon

Liverpool University

"Mouse urine, a degrading business or a signal experience"


Prof Peter Kille

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74507

Weds 5th February 2003

Prof. Chris Danpure

Dept. of Biology, University College London

"Molecular & structural basis of enzyme mistargeting in hereditary kidney stone disease"


Weds 9th April 2003 - Large Shandon Lecture Theatre, Main Bldg

Prof. Georgina Mace

Institute of Zoology, London

"Red lists of threatened species: means and ends"


Prof Mike Bruford FLSW

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74312

Weds 7th May, 2003

Prof. Roy Anderson, FRS

Imperial College, London

"The AIDS Pandemic: imperfect drugs, imperfect vaccines"


Prof John Harwood

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74108