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Molecular Biosciences Division Seminar Series 2014-15

Seminars to take place in the 6th Floor Seminar Room, Sir Martin Evans Building (BIOSI 3) 
at 13.10-14.00hrs on Mondays (except where marked).  

When there is an external speaker, a buffet lunch will be provided from 12.30hrs -13.10hrs 
and a coffee/tea session for discussion with the speaker will take place every week from 
14.00hrs-14.30hrs in the 6th Floor Seminar Room.


29th September 2014

Professor Tim Saunders, Mechanobiology Institute at the National University of Singapore

Title: Quantitative lightsheet microscopy and its application to early Drosophila development


6th October 2014 - POSTPONED

Professor Gero Steinberg, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter

Title: The How and Why Early Endosomes move: Lessons from a Fungal Model Organism


13th October 2014

Dr Walter Dewitte, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: Flip Cytokinins and D-type Cyclins around; a role for CYCD mediated cytokinin sensing in auxin distribution for developmental patterning in plants


20th October 2014

Dr Alessandra Cona, Department of Biology, University of Rome

Title: Role of polyamine catabolism in plant development and stress responses


Wednesday 22nd October 2014 - Joint PPR and MB Seminar at 1.10pm in 6th Floor Seminar Room, Sir Martin Evans Building

Dr Ralph Nixon, NYU Langone Medical Centre, New York, USA

Title: TBA


27th October 2014

Dr Che Connon, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University

Title: Use of peptide amphiphiles in corneal tissue engineering


10th November 2014

Prof Juan Pablo Couso, School of life Sciences, University of Sussex

Title: Small Open Reading Frames: hidden, abundant, vital


24th November 2014

Dr Bernadette Byrne, Department of Life Science, Imperial College London

Title: Producing stable membrane protein: a rough guide


1st December 2014

Dr Matthew Baker, Biophysicist at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney

Title: Molecular emergence: the mechanism for the self-organisation of the rotor in the bacterial flagellar motor


8th December 2014

Dr Paul Badenhorst, Institute of Biomedical Research, University of Birmingham

Title: Location is everything: regulation of transcription by the chromatin remodelling enzyme NURF


12th January 2015 

Dr Marc Dionne, Lecturer in Immunobiology and Group Leader in the CMCBI, King's College, London

Title: Immune-metabolic interactions in Drosophilla


9th February 2015

Dr Beatrix Horvath, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London

Title: DNA damage response; role of RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED PROTEIN in the Arabidopsis root meristem


16th February 2015

Dr Natasha Spadafora, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: Smelling shelf life: Evaluation of volatile organic compounds for quality and safety analysis of fresh-cut produce


23rd February 2015 

Professor Rose Cooper, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Title: Honey for wounds: an ancient remedy for a modern problem?


16th March 2015

Lisa Halliwell, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: TBA

23rd March 2015

Professor Julian Ma, Infection and Immunity Research Institute, St George's, University of London

Title: Prospects for Molecular Pharming - production of recombinant pharmaceuticals by plant biotechnology


20th April 2015

Victoria Cowling, MRC Senior Fellow and Lister Fellow,Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee

Title: mRNA capping in pluripotency and differentiation, cancer and parasites


27th April 2015

Clare Pritchard, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: There’s more to controlling gene expression than transcription: Is cytoplasmic mRNA localisation required for effective cell migration?

18th May 2015

Professor Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel, School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol

Title: Protein Targeting and Translocation studied by Cryo-EM


1st June 2015

Craig McPhee, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: Quantitative label-free microscopy of lipid domains in synthetic lipid bilayers


8th June, 2015

Dr Rita Cha, School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University

Title: TBA


15th June 2015

Annika Offergeld, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Title: TBA



Details on more speakers for 2014-15 to follow shortly.