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Meet the Team

Innovation and Engagement Officer

Photo of Fiona Wyllie

Dr. Fiona Wyllie has been Innovation and Engagement Officer in the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University since 2007. Previously she was a Senior Research Fellow (1990-2006) in the School of Medicine, also at Cardiff University and was a key member of an internationally recognised Cancer Research UK funded team of cell and molecular biologists.

In her present role, Fiona is working closely with staff and students at all levels to create innovative opportunities to engage with a variety of public and community audiences and to improve the researchers' ability to do effective public engagement through recognised training schemes. A series of  workshops have been developed for visiting school pupils which showcase research in the School and which involve collaborations with education support organisations and initiatives (see  Case Studies and ). Internally, Fiona works closely with the Community Engagement Team, The Beacons for Wales and the Widening Access team to maximise the impact of these and other activities. She is a key member of the Brain Awareness committee which coordinates public engagement for the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute and organises a number of annual events, including collaborations with local science and arts centres.  Fiona is embedding and enabling public engagement activity in future bioscientists by organising dedicated outreach sessions run and involving students in internal public engagement activities (see  For Undergraduate students ).

Innovation and Partnership Officer 

Photo of Ian Horton

Ian R Horton is an Innovation and Engagement (I&E) Officer in the School of Biosciences, having recently joined the team after ten years working in the water industry in the north-west of England.  Ian has a degree in Biology from University of Leeds, a diploma in water and environmental management and an MSc in Water, Energy and the Environment from Liverpool John Moores University. Prior to joining  the School of Biosciences, Ian worked for United Utilities where he held roles as a regulatory Cryptosporidium analyst, a strategy development analyst and R&D coordinator. During his time as R&D coordinator Ian was instrumental in the development of collaborative  research partnerships, management of EU grants and instigated a number of KTP projects for the company.

Ian supports the Head of Innovation Partnership and Engagement with a particular emphasis on “Innovation and Partnership”. He is responsible for engaging and developing sustainable relationships with external bodies, such as industry, NHS, Government and Charities, and will develop innovation activities involving the research and teaching of the School. Ian works closely with RACD to embed an innovation culture by improving communication, fostering strategic relationships and encouraging collaborations with partners. Ian will have a key role in setting the baseline and monitoring performance.