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Linton Village College

Linton Village College

Linton Village College

“I’ve had the privilege to work in several different rainforest areas and this has proved by far to have been the most organized and inspirational study centre I have visited. Alice and Jenny were both amazing; lots of energy and pitched at the right level for our students. We loved the photo competition, the canopy platform, the fabulous accommodation, the wonderful food, the facilities, the mud, and the elephants”.

Elaine Brown (leader) 

“I think the word spoilt sums up our stay here nicely. Even before getting to the site we saw pygmy elephants + so many monkey species. It is truly special to be in such a biologically diverse site and actually seeing some of these animals makes it even better. It is great to have made a difference and the kids have gained a massive sense of achievement and also a new respect for wildlife. The staff and whole set up has made the experience even greater”.

Russell Milne (staff)

 “Our time here seemed short, but we managed to squeeze so much in! We were so lucky, managing to see pygmy elephants and orangutans. Litter picking was surprisingly fun and I felt brilliant helping the amazing wildlife around here. Oh, and food is amazing too”.

Lauren Reynolds (student)

“This place is really amazing! We were so glad to be able to help make a difference and we were really lucky to see all the animals that we would be helping, including the red leaf monkey. Thank you for making us all feel welcome and for showing us so many wonderful things”.

Emilie Westland (student)