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University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany

Hannover Group

Professor Ute Radespiel (leader) – “It was wonderful, many awesome experiences in the nature around the station – and encounters with wildlife ranging from primates, birds and snakes (king cobra!) to a huge crocodile (over 4 meters). All in all – we had a great time and this will certainly not be the last field course from our side here! We’ll be back at some point! Thanks to the whole team of Danau Girang for their hospitality and helpfulness during these two weeks!”.

Professor Elke Zimmermann (leader) – “It was a splendid time here and it will be for sure that we will return. I never met a facility so nicely equipped as this here, almost in midst of the rainforest with such a huge biodiversity around. Hopefully, it can be protected for long term. Thanks to the whole staff, and especially Benoit, for this great possibility”.

Anke Wiechert Hannover Group

Janina Bartels (student) – “I think this was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve made. For me it is a completely different world and I enjoyed it very much. I think I’ll come back to Borneo in the future of possible. In the rain forest, I felt some kind of safety that is hard to describe. It was a very amazing time and I would love to stay some days longer, just enjoying nature”.

Tree Shrew Tracking

Amelie Stallforth (student) – “It was amazing to make “real field studies” not only theory! I am happy that I got the possibility to learn how to work with the technical equipment and that I can learn something about the people and their way of life. I hope that I can come back sometime. Thanks also to the staff for great food and for guiding us or answer all our questions”.