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Facilities at Cardiff School of Biosciences

Photo of outside of building from ramp


The Cardiff School of Biosciences is one of the largest bioscience departments in the UK. The School’s research is recognised at the highest levels. The Nobel Laureate Robert Huber (Visiting Professor) and Ole Petersen (the Director of the School) are both Fellows of The Royal Society and also Members of Academia Europaea. Five members of staff (Professors Vincenzo Crunelli, Alun Davies, Stephen Dunnett, Kevin Fox and Ole Petersen) are Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

January 2011 saw the launch of three new University Research Institutes:

Neuroscience and Mental Health, Sustainable Places, and the European Cancer Stem Cell Institute. The Institutes, all of which involve School of Biosciences academics, were created to pursue new approaches to pressing concerns about cancer, mental health and sustainability. The new £30M Hadyn Ellis Building (only a few minutes’ walk away from the School’s main [Sir Martin Evans] Building),will house two of the Research Institutes in which the School has a key role (The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and the Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Institute) and will also be used for research and postgraduate training.

A new £4M extension of the School’s Building Complex has been completed, providing new state-of-the-art meeting facilities, cafeteria for staff and students and offices.

Extensive refurbishment of laboratory space at a cost of £3M and investment in new state-of-the-art equipment (for example, Two-Photon System) exceeding £1M. 

The School of Biosciences houses a number of facilities, some of which are available to the public, others only to staff at the School. 

Facilities available to the General Public:

  • Confocal Microscopy Unit
  • Danau Girang Field Centre
  • DNA Sequencing Core – Molecular Biology Unit
  • EMRIC - Experimental MRI Centre
  • Stem Cell Suite and Flow Cytometry Unit
  • Transgenic Production Facility
  • Walesbiogrid
  • Wales Gene Park

Facilities available to Staff in the School:

  • Analytical Unit
  • Constant Temperature Facilities
  • Histology Unit
  • MBSU - Molecular Biology Support Unit