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Dr Paul Shaw 

Position:Senior Lecturer

Telephone:+44(0) 2920 688510
Location:European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff School of Biosciences Hadyn Ellis Building, Maindy Road, Cardiff CF24 4HQ

Research Overview

I am based in Prof Alan Clarke's laboratory in the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute. My research continues to explore and utilise genetically engineered mouse models of colorectal cancer and the therapeutic role of molecularly targeted novel anti-cancer agents against PI3K/mTOR and RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK signaling. This work complements the recognised strengths in personalised medicine (Stratified Medicine Programme, CRUK) and cancer genetics at Cardiff University. This research is now being extended to incorporate small animal PET imaging and novel tracer agents as predictive biomarkers of response to tailored anti-cancer agents (NISCHR funding, £217K over 2 years). I secured funding from Cardiff CRUK Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre to support a full-time research assistant in Prof. Trevor Dales’ laboratory to develop colorectal cancer organoids as an ‘ex vivo’ model system. A Cancer Research Wales PhD Studentship is furthering this work. I am planning to extend this technique to include other solid tumours in particular lung cancer. Given the direction of my clinical work I am also seeking funding opportunities locally to develop a genetically engineered mouse model of lung cancer. My research interests, in collaboration with the Clarke and Dale laboratories, include the use of genetically engineered mouse models of cancer and 3D human 'organoid' culture of normal and malignant tissues, as pre clinical tools. Most recently, we have been using the organoid platform to mirror the stratified treatment arms to be tested in the FOCUS 4 trial (advanced colorectal cancer). From March 2015 we will be expanding the organoid technique to culture tumours from resected lung specimens to examine novel drug radiation combinations. This platform will be used to help identify new drug radiation combinations which we aim to develop into new Phase I/II combination studies in selected patients.

I have received funding from CRUK (Bobby Moore Fellowship), NISCHR Research Funding Stream and was Walport Clinical Lecturer. I currently work full time in the NHS supported by the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute to continue research interests and co-supervision of PhD students.

Research Division

Pathophysiology and Repair