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Debt Advice

Stack of credit cards

Many people encounter debt during their lives, and this can seem worse during your time in education due to limited income. Debt can get out of control and can negatively impact upon your mental and physical health. The pressure of managing debts can also affect your academic studies and ability to concentrate. 

If you are experiencing debt worries then the best thing to do is to address the issue as the debts won't go away if you ignore them. The Student Advisory Service can help you deal with your debts and assist you in negotiating with your creditors to try and keep your debts in control. 

There are three ways we can offer assistance:

  1. Download the Self Help Debt Tool Kit
  2. Contact the Advice and Guidance Service to make an initial appointment (it is advisable to bring in all paper work relating to your debts)
  3. There are external agencies that can also help with debt problems and offer free, confidential advice. Please see the links on the right
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