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Guide to Texthelp Read & Write Gold

TextHelp Read & Write Gold is a reading and writing tool to support students with dyslexia. It offers user speech feedback, spell checking, and word prediction for practically any Windows program including Word, Excel, Web pages, Help files and PDF documents. TextHelp Read & Write Gold can be accessed on-campus on any networked computer. 


TextHelp toolbar

The TextHelp toolbar can be moved around the screen depending on your preference or can be docked to the side or top of the screen by dragging to that location. To undock, click the Anchor button on the toolbar. Many of the buttons on the toolbar contain a small arrow button ▼, providing drop down menus for further options.

Click on the TextHelp button to toggle through the various toolbars. Select ‘My Features’ toolbar to customise with your preferred features. To customise, click on the TextHelp button drop down menu to access General Options and select the buttons you wish to appear in your ‘My Features’ toolbar.

Some of the TextHelp features

Play: place your cursor where you wish the text to be spoken. Click this button to hear it read aloud. If on a website, highlight the text first. To change voices, click on the Play small arrow button and select Speech Options… You can change voice, speed and pitch among other options here. If you want to use the ‘Speak As I Type’ feature, you can change the settings in Speech Options by selecting the Autoread tab.

Rewind: click this button to have the previous word, sentence or paragraph spoken to you. 

Pause: click this button if you wish to have any current speech paused. Resume with another click.

Forward: click this button to have the next word, sentence, or paragraph spoken to you.

Stop: click this button to stop any speech.

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Phonetic Spell Checker: click this button when you have selected the text you wish to spell check. Press Play on the main toolbar to read the dictionary definition aloud.

Word Prediction: click this button to open or close the word prediction window. Start typing and words will be predicted.

Dictionary: click this button when you have selected a word to look up in the dictionary. Alternatively, click the button before selecting a word, then type the word into the text box. Definitions can be read aloud by clicking Play.

Word Wizard: select a word and click on this button. The software will search for alternative words and associated information.

Sounds like and Confusable words: click this button to identify same sounding and confusable words. Definitions can be read aloud by clicking Play.

Verb Checker: click this button to see a verb table with conjugation options for a selected verb. Click Play to hear them read aloud.

Calculator: click on this button to open the calculator. You can have your calculations read aloud. Use the small arrow button to change calculator.

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Screenshot Reader: click this button and drag the mouse over any inaccessible text you wish to read e.g. locked PDFs or inaccessible flash.

Speech Maker: select a piece of text, then click this button to convert the text into a sound file e.g. MP3. A wizard will guide you through the conversion process.

Pronunciation Tutor: click on this button to show the Pronunciation Tutor. Words are pronounced and syllables displayed.

Scan: click this button to OCR/Scan a paper document to PDF, Word or HTML format.

Screen Masking: click this button to tint or mask sections of the window. Use the small arrow button to change the options.

Speech Input: this tool allows you to easily create documents by dictating into a microphone connected to your computer.

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Translator: click this button to open the single word translator, then select a word to have it translated. The Paragraph translation option in the dropdown menu allows you to select whole paragraphs to translate into the language of your choice. Note: You must be online to use this feature.

PDF Aloud: click this button to launch Adobe Reader. Open your PDF document, click on Extended to the right to open the PDF Aloud toolbar. On the PDF Aloud toolbar, select ‘click & speak’.

Study Skills: use the buttons on the Study Skills toolbar to highlight and collect sections of text. You can also highlight words to automatically create a vocabulary list with definitions and images.

There are more features available, check the online help or Video Tours for information on how to use them.

Further help

Click on the ? on the toolbar for online help or watch the Video Tours. Video Tours can be found under the options for the feature itself. All Video Tours are also available from the TextHelp button options.

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