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Cognitive Difficulties

The following guidelines are important considerations for all web users with cognitive difficulties and/or dyslexia:

  • Keep language clear and try to avoid jargon and overly complex technical language. This is also an important consideration for foreign students whose first language is not English. (WAI Level 1)
  • Use a consistent form of navigation, sitemaps and breadcrumb trails. (Level 1)
  • Keep on-screen movement to a minimum or offer the user the option to turn movement off. (Level 2)
  • Use graphical icons for example, a picture of a house as a link to a homepage, as navigation aids. (Level 3)
  • Ensure that content is organised logically and clearly. (Level 3)
  • Ensure that there is sufficient spacing between lines, paragraphs and/or sections. Use bulleted lists. (Recommended)
  • Use a clear non-seriffed font and do not fully justify text. (Recommended)
  • Dyslexic web users prefer reading text on a beige background rather than on a white one. (Recommended)