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Zip Glide

27 September 2003

On Saturday 27th September 28 intrepid members of Cardiff University staff, friends and families undertook the Tenovus Great Glass House Zip Glide at the National Botanic Gardens, Carmarthenshire.


We climbed to the top of some scaffolding where we were attached by a harness to the wire stretching over the South America display and down towards Western Australia. Then we launched ourselves off the platform one by one (to a combination of screams, cheers and Tarzan sounds) and whizzed along the wire to the bottom.

Altogether we raised over £2,160 and as a local double glazing company (Nolan upvc) had sponsored the setting up costs, all of our money will go directly into the Tenovus funds.

The Zip Gliders were:

  • Judith Bown (PLAN)
  • Louise Casella (PLAN/VCO)
  • Louise Dunbar (FNCE)
  • Gwyneth Evans
  • Hannah Evans (AREG)
  • Sharon Gray (SPORT)
  • Mike Greenhough (PHYSX)
  • Andrew James
  • Andrea Jones (PLAN)
  • Catrin Jones (AREG)
  • Alex Lewis
  • Ed Lewis (SPORT)
  • Jacqui Lewis (CRECH)
  • Kelly Longhurst (AREG)
  • Chris Norris (ENCAP)
  • Elisabeth Owen (BIOSI)
  • Dan Reed
  • Les Rees (UWCM)
  • Liz Reyes (PLAN)
  • Alison Roberts (VCO)
  • John Robertson (BIOSI)
  • Ruth Robertson (PLAN/VCO)
  • Gemma Robinson (AREG)
  • Wendy Sadler (PHYSX)
  • Philip Saunders
  • Martin Strawson (AREG)
  • Pete Thomas
  • Emma Walker (FNCE)
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