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My Cardiff - Contribute your story

Everyone has a story to tell, and we’d love to hear yours. Perhaps you have a special memory or anecdote related to the University, or have something to say about its past, present or future. Help us to project the “human face” of our University by sharing a memory, viewpoint, story, picture caption - just about anything related to the University or to you as a current or former member of staff, student or supporter or the University. What you write about is entirely up to you and we plan to select a large variety for what we hope will be 125 stories by the end of this anniversary year.

If you would like your memory, story, or comment to be considered for inclusion in this section please email

With each story we also need a picture of the writer, so please attach one. In addition, if you have other pictures relevant to the story you're telling you may wish to send those too. Please read the agreement details first.

Be sure to include your full name, contact details, and include (if applicable) details of your affiliation to the University, such as your School/Directorate or other association and related dates. Take a look at some of the existing Cardiff Stories to see the kind of personal detail which we use.

Alternatively you can your story and pictures through the post to:

My Cardiff: 125 Anniversary
46 Park Place
CF10 3AT

Please read the agreement details here before submitting any items

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