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My Cardiff

Siān Lloyd

Weather presenter Siān Lloyd graduated in Welsh from Cardiff University in 1979.

Siān Lloyd

Siān Lloyd

One of the best decisions of my life was to attend Cardiff University. Being young for my academic year, I almost took a year out to do the Oxbridge exams because my A Level results were rather good. I had already tried to get into Girton College, Cambridge, but had been told that I was a tad young (I think they meant immature!) and that I should give it another go after my A Level results.

Thank goodness I resisted the temptation of the ivory towers at that stage in my life. In fact, I ended up doing research at Jesus College, Oxford after doing my degree at Cardiff. Since my A Levels were quite impressive, I managed to get a last minute place at Cardiff in the August of 1976. My degree comprised of English, Welsh and Classical Studies. And having gone on to do postgraduate study at Oxford, I am so very pleased that I did my initial degree at a "proper" university!

Cardiff ticks every box you could possibly think of. It's a fabulous city, both cosmopolitan and intimate at the same time. It's sophisticated and yet incredibly friendly. It was good in my time, but I'd now venture to say that Cardiff is a great city. I never miss an opportunity to point the children of my friends in the direction of Cardiff University and I'm proud to say that every one of them has absolutely loved it there.

It's not just the bars and cafes, the vibrant arts life, the cherry blossom trees in the city of a thousand parks, the buzz of the Bay area or even the best sports stadium in the world that makes Cardiff a one-off – it's the people. They are warm, witty and wonderful, and I defy anyone to live in the capital and not fall in love with the Welsh. It's a great university in a great modern city. I feel honoured to have spent such happy times there.

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