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My Cardiff

Andrew Glanfield

Andrew Glanfield, School Manager of Cardiff Business School has worked for the University for 9 years, including a memorable first five years in the Research and Commercial Division.

Andrew Glanfield

Andrew Glanfield

I met my wife, who also now works for Cardiff University, whilst we were studying for our PhDs at Oxford University. We agreed that whichever one of us finished our PhD first would be able to decide where we were to initially set up home. My wife finished a whole 18 months before me and, as she is a Welsh lass, the rest is history.

After a brief and enjoyable spell in the Patent Office in Newport, I applied for a position in the University’s Research and Commercial Division (RACDV). I spent the next five fascinating years working with a number of schools, primarily Engineering, Physics and Computer Science. For half my time I was helping academics win research funding from a variety of commercial and government sponsors and for the other half I was assisting with the commercial exploitation of the intellectual outputs of their research.

I was with the Research and Commercial Division when it moved from those quirky houses on Park Place to McKenzie House on Newport Road and I also experienced the recent merger with UWCM. I have many fond memories of my time in the Division and, as well as enjoying work, I took on the informal role of social secretary which included organising networking events with other administrative divisions. One Christmas, two other members of the Division decided to buy me a Santa suit and from that epoch-making moment I became the Division’s ‘Secret Santa’, handing out the Christmas presents.

Unfortunately, middle age spread started to take its toll. I found I no longer fitted the Santa suit and so moved to Cardiff Business School to become Centre Manager of the newly formed Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funded Cardiff University Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre. Being a new research centre, formed between the Business School and the Manufacturing Engineering Centre, I relished being involved right from the start. It was an interesting role and its inter-school nature was both rewarding and challenging.

Two years on, Professor Bob McNabb became Dean of the Business School and created a new School Manager post. I applied and was successful and took up the post in the summer of 2006. I was also tasked with undertaking improvement and development programmes within the School, striving for excellence in the administrative processes, resources and structures which support the School’s academic activities.

Cardiff University wants the best for its students and the Business School’s students frequently tell us they enjoy studying here. When recently undertaking research into the types of networking services the School’s alumni would like, we uncovered a number of alumni chapters which had been proactively established by our ex-students around the world, which made us very proud.

So, my career to date at Cardiff has taken me from central administration, through a major research centre to school management - affording me the opportunity to see the University from several different viewpoints.

It’s a fascinating time for the University and a lot has changed even since I’ve been here. We continue to enhance our interaction with our many stakeholders; our benchmark group is international, but we are still very much a part of the local environment, both in Cardiff City and in Wales. We are part of the Russell Group, (of Britain’s top 20 research intensive universities) which is a tremendous achievement, and we are world leading in many research areas. However, our ambition means that sometimes we tend to give ourselves a hard time, and we often don’t take enough time to celebrate our many achievements.

Cardiff is still, comparatively, a young University but it is certainly one to watch for the future. I wish Cardiff University every success for the next 125 years.

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