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My Cardiff

Professor Wen G. Jiang

Professor Wen G. Jiang, one of the worlds leading cancer researchers, reflects on leaving his home in China for a career at Cardiff University.

Professor Wen G. Jiang

Professor Wen G. Jiang

I left my home in Beijing to come to Cardiff University, as I finished my medical doctorate and surgical training at Beijing Peking University. This was in March 1989, the winter season, when Beijing was very yellow not at all the way it is now. Then I came to Cardiff and everything was beautifully green. It was the first thing I noticed, then the rain followed and I realized why.

But moving to Cardiff was the first time I had traveled abroad. Everything was new to me the people, the culture. I came to the University on a scholarship to finish my doctoral thesis. My family and career have kept me here ever since. One position led to the next and now I find myself as a professor researching cancer in the School of Medicine. Now, Cardiff is the home to my family. Ive lived here longer than any place else.

What kept me in Cardiff through the years is the academic environment and colleagues. It is a pleasant University, and a beautiful city in which to work and live. The culture of collaboration and the encouragement from my colleagues is probably another reason why Ive stayed for so long.

I still keep ties with my home country. Many of my relatives still live in China, and I continue to return to see them. But I also return to forge relationships with other medical researchers and medical institutions. Throughout my time at Cardiff University, Ive been involved in a gradual collaboration with my former school in Beijing as well as the Capital Medical Centre. Last March, a delegation from Cardiff went to Beijing to make this partnership official.

Partnerships like this make Cardiff University the international success that it is. The University turns 125 this year, and its reputation and research keep growing stronger. Right now we are one of the top 100 universities in the world. But I think in the next 125 years, we will be even higher up the list.

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