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My Cardiff

Shahbaz Malik

Shahbaz Malik graduated from Cardiff University in 2007. Here he talks about his experiences as a Medical student at Cardiff and life as a junior doctor.

Shahbaz in China

Shahbaz in China

I came to Cardiff in 2002 having previously studied for a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at St George's Hospital, University of London.

It took me a while before I got used to the pace of life in Cardiff and the politeness of Welsh people. Having lived near London, this was the hardest thing to get used to.

As I opened up to the city and its surroundings I started to enjoy myself. One of the big advantages of studying medicine at Cardiff was the placements they were to all corners of Wales from Newport to Holyhead. Although it could be expensive, it allowed a lot of us to see a side of Wales we would not have been able to visit otherwise.

Shahbaz graduating

Shahbaz graduating

Whilst I was at Cardiff I was awarded a Cancer Research UK award (of up to 1000) for my elective in breast cancer which I undertook in China for seven weeks. The award is given to one student per medical school and there are normally only 10-12 awards nationally, so I was delighted to receive it.

In China, my project focused on the diagnosis of breast cancer in the population in Hangzhou as well as the evaluation of surgical treatment, the success of surgery in patients with breast cancer and the patient satisfaction with treatment given.

I am currently a foundation year one doctor and life as a doctor is good, but it is hard work. Looking back over my five years as a medical student I can see that it was great fun!

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