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My Cardiff

Professor Patricia Price

Patricia Price is a Research Professor and Academic Director of the Department of Wound Healing in the School of Medicine, Cardiff University.

Professor Patricia Price

Professor Patricia Price

I’ve been working in the field of Wound Healing since 1994, and in areas related to applied health since 1989. My interest in wound healing and burns stems from being in a fire myself at the age of seven – and remembering the rehabilitation that I needed.

I place great importance on helping patients, even though it can often be emotionally tough. I hope my research work and teaching at Cardiff leads to improvements in the quality of treatment available to these patients.

To date, our research has led to new developments, techniques and products in the field of wound healing, including the development of a ‘smart dressing’ designed to tell the clinician if it needs to be changed, or if there’s infection present in the wound.

For me, the biggest contribution to my career to date was the award of a full grant to study at university for my degree. I come from a traditional Welsh background and as one of five daughters my parents had made it clear that I could only go if I was awarded a full grant!

Since those early days, my career has flourished through hard work and determination.

I’ve been successful in securing funding for new initiatives, and in 2006 I led a successful interdisciplinary bid to establish the first UK Centre for Burn Research, funded by The Healing Foundation, in collaboration with the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery at Morriston Hospital. The Centre realises one of my goals, and over the next ten years I hope the work done here at Cardiff and Swansea will improve patient care nationally and globally.

My work at Cardiff has helped me to raise the public profile of patients suffering from non-healing wounds and burns. I’ve also been able to share knowledge globally, teaching essential burn care courses in Pakistan and India, and on wound care courses in Canada, Sweden and Australia; much of the work focuses on pushing for changes in developing countries to adapt their social living conditions in ways that would led to a major reduction in burns and scalds.

I’m happy to say that I successfully managed to negotiate the work-life balance and have raised three children (although they may have a different view!!). I’m a self confessed ‘list person’, and I take as my inspiration my own mother – who strongly believed that education was the key to personal freedom.

I hope that my developments in the field of Wound Healing have contributed to Cardiff’s reputation, and that my Cardiff story will encourage women to pursue their dreams, to take every opportunity that comes their way, and reinforce the idea that success in both science and family life can go hand in hand.

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