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My Cardiff

Wyn Roberts

Professor M Wyn Roberts reflects on the University's progress.

Wyn Roberts

Wyn Roberts

One cannot be other than impressed with the achievements of the University over the recent past and, in particular, with the spectacular events over the last year. It has given me much pleasure to observe them, as it were from the "touchline" and reflect on where we have come from since I came to Cardiff in 1979.

When as Vice-Principal, and on behalf of the Principal Sir Aubrey Trotman-Dickensen, I presented to the Court a review of the achievements of the College in the years 1990-1991, I drew attention to significant developments following merger of the University College and UWIST. First "that Cardiff is on course to further enhance its position as a major British and International Centre of Higher Education"; second measures "to remove the confusion surrounding the name" ; third, that "although much had been achieved which we could take pride in we are confident in meeting the challenge and opportunities to come".

In the succeeding years we have seen the status changed to 'Cardiff University' , growth in student numbers and we have greatly enhanced our research standing both nationally and internationally.

There have also been changes in the academic disciplines within the University, many of which would not have been anticipated or predicted 15 years ago. Within my own discipline there is now a strong research group in Biological Chemistry - an area that has come to the forefront through rapid developments in the medical sciences with two recent Nobel Prize winners among the staff of the University. The merger with the University of Wales College of Medicine will, through cross-fertilization with the high quality of research in Bioscience, Pharmacy, Optometry, Chemistry and other Schools, ensure that the standing of the University, nationally and internationally, will continue at its present high level.

Professor M Wyn Roberts is a Research Professor with the School of Chemistry. He was Head of the School from 1987-97 and Vice-Principal from 1990-92.

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