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My Cardiff

Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan, J.P., D.L was a student at Cardiff University and was recently appointed the High Sheriff of the County of Mid Glamorgan…

Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan at her inauguration as High Sheriff of Mid Glamorgan
Pic: Derek Lewis

I have a special link to the University, having studied here too many years ago to mention. Following my time at Cardiff I embarked on a career in Human Resources in the Industrial Sector, serving time in the fields of work study, marketing and training along the way.

I returned to Wales some years ago and devoted my time to my family and voluntary work, including chairing charitable organisations like the British Red Cross and becoming a local Community Councillor.

Recently, in a splendid ceremony in the Glamorgan Building Council Chamber, I was appointed High Sheriff of the County of Mid Glamorgan. The Glamorgan Building was used because it was previously the headquarters of the old Mid Glamorgan County Council, and there, exactly twenty years ago, my husband Derek also became a High Sheriff of the County.

Apart from the many relatives and friends attending, guests came from all walks of life. From Civic Dignitaries, to representatives of the Police, the Army, Navy and Air force. The Welsh business world was well represented together with colleagues from the judicial system where Iíve been a magistrate for almost thirty years.

These days High Sheriffs undertake duties to improve and sustain the morale of personnel of voluntary and statutory bodies, particularly those engaged in the maintenance and extension of law and order and the entire criminal system. It is an independent non-political Office which carries no remuneration and no expenses.

Some of the formal responsibilities include attendance at Royal visits to the County; appointing an Under Sheriff; acting as the Returning Officer for Parliamentary Elections in the County, and the maintenance of the loyalty of subjects to the Crown.

One of the first initiatives Iím setting up is a High Sheriff Award Scheme which will financially reward young people who have been of service in Mid Glamorgan to the community or individuals.

My inauguration as High Sheriff brought back very many happy memories of my time at Cardiff. Ten students, all Officer Cadet Midshipmen at University Royal Naval Unit formed an Honour Guard to receive my guests for the Inauguration Ceremony. Lieutenant Paul Thomas, Training Officer at the Naval Unit and a member of staff at the Research and Commercial Division acted as sword-bearer and Master of Ceremonies. Seeing them made me be proud to have once been a part of the University. Giving service back to the County at this time helps me to repay my great debt to this thriving Principality in which we live.

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