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My Cardiff

Professor Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus

Professor Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He gained his PhD at Cardiff in 1977 and has maintained and developed joint novel lines of research with the Cardiff School of Chemistry

Professor Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus

Professor Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus

I moved to Cardiff in September of 1974, with my wife Helena and our oldest son Luis Miguel, aged two. Our youngest son Paulo Jorge was born at the University Hospital, in June 1975. All the family have enjoyed the friendly hospitality of the Welsh culture, the life in town and the weekend visiting and sightseeing in Wales and England.

I have wonderful recollections of my life as a PhD student under the illuminating supervision of Professor Bob Gillard and of the years of cooperation with the Inorganic Chemistry Group.

This cooperation was a fundamental contribution for the development of my own research group when I returned as a member of staff to the young University of Aveiro, in Portugal.

It is indeed a great pleasure to see how Cardiff University has evolved. We benefited from what were already good laboratories and other dedicated research facilities, the library and all the other conditions provided for our work.

I remember also how stimulating it was to be part of a friendly group of postgraduate students and visiting scholars coming from a wide variety of countries. This international environment allowed for the development of very valuable experiences throughout my life, first as a university faculty member and later as vice-rector and elected rector of the University of Aveiro, or as President of the Portuguese Council of Rectors.

At present I am the President of the National Council of Education, a consultant body for Portuguese Government and Parliament. I am also involved with the institutional evaluation of universities as chairman of EUA – European University Association teams.

I would finally add that I keep the interest for studying science and higher education governance while doing my best for producing a very good red wine in our vineyard near the Douro valley.

In this year of the 125th anniversary of Cardiff University I can only wish a flourishing future and congratulate the institution and all those who contribute to her promising coming years.

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