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My Cardiff

Jenny Randerson, AM

Jenny Randerson is the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Cardiff Central

Jenny Randerson, AM

Jenny Randerson AM

As the Assembly Member for Cardiff Central since the inception of the Assembly in 1999, and a former City Councillor of 20 years standing, I am very proud to have one of the very best universities in the UK (indeed the world) in my constituency.

I have lived in Cardiff for over 30 years and have watched the University grow in size and stature. It brings great kudos to Cardiff and helps promote Cardiff across the world and contributes greatly to the richness of Cardiff life through its students and staff who come from far and wide.

I am honoured to host the University's regular Briefings at the Assembly, which are attended by Assembly Members, their officers and their staff. They provide a wealth of information, based on informative research and expertise, which can aid policy-makers in achieving good governance for Wales.

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