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My Cardiff

Dominic Hannigan

Dominic Hannigan studied Politics at the School of European Studies between 2004 and 2007. He now works in the National Assembly For Wales.

Dominic Hannigan

Dominic Hannigan

I chose Cardiff as a place to study on gut instinct. I had only visited the city a couple of times and had never been to see the University, but it had a certain appeal that I just canít explain. Maybe itís the small-city confidence or the opportunities that only a capital can provide, although the city centre campus certainly was something that jumped out at me.

Throughout my time at Cardiff, my interest in politics grew and grew and it was in my final year that I stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the elections to the National Assembly. This was an incredible experience which certainly added a new dimension to my time as a student.

Without doubt it was Cardiff as a place which provided me with this opportunity, together with a very understanding and encouraging set of lecturers. I have never found a city with so many opportunities and so much going on, while keeping a small, friendly atmosphere. While studying in Cardiff, I met people with a huge range of interests and talents, and they all felt the same thing, that the city and the university helped them to expand their lives and experiences.

Cardiff is now my home - it is a place where I feel content, personally and professionally. Every time I pass along Park Place or past the Studentsí Union, I thank the University for bringing me to the greatest city in the world and for helping find the politician inside of me!

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